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Webroot Security Antivirus

Webroot is a private American company that provides Internet security for consumers and businesses. Webroot has been around since 1997. Webroot’s core product is called Webroot SecureAnywhere, which offers multi-device protection and is considered to be the lightest and fastest antivirus product on the market.

Webroot carefully evaluates free software and file-sharing applications before downloading them. Webroot Internet Security Essentials and Webroot Antivirus with Spy Sweeper provide complete protection from the two most dangerous threats on the Internet – spyware and computer viruses.

If you want to install Webroot security to save your devices from virus attacks then you can visit: www.webroot.com/safe & download Webroot in your device.

Webroot Products for Home & Business:

Webroot Antivirus

Ideal for PCs and Macs, this scans at super-fast speed, protects from identity thefts and does not have time consuming updates which is common with most antivirus products. You can buy this only for one device for one year to start with. Check out www.webroot.com/safe

Internet Security Plus

This is a great option for PCs, Macs, Tablets as well as Smartphones. Along with antivirus features, it also protects all your login ids as well as passwords. You can install this on three devices for a year.

Internet Security Complete

This is a great package for PCs, Macs, Tablets, Smartphones along with 25GB storage! Apart from an antivirus, this product removes online history and also gives you 25GB of secure online storage across five devices for one year. Create your own account with webroot.com/safe Account and protect your own device.