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Create or log into your Webroot account by visitng webroot.com/safe. Manage your security across multiple devices, with any Webroot product.

Throughout the world, various gadgets like PC, Laptop, Tablet or cell phone etc. are utilizing the web. The web has brought so much information but along with the web online threats are increasing this online threats, known as digital violations. Every single detail which is spared online effect life accounts and lead to online fraud so against this fraud everyone wants online security. So here webroot helps to keep your data secure. If you have it, you can freely enter your details online.

Webroot Safe is a best-known antivirus software protects your devices against ransom attacks, viruses and malwares. It can keep your data and essential information safe and also scan your files against online threat. It is designed to use for home, office, corporate and business applications.

how to activate webroot

Where to find 20 digit Webroot keycode?

Activation key is the most important factor for any activation process. you will need Webroot 20-digits key code. to find the secret code you need to scratch the retail card or you can find inside the product box. Visit the website of activation webroot.com/safe for the redemption of the webroot Retail card.
webroot activation Code

How to Uninstall Webroot Antivirus?

First of all you need to uninstall all of this in order to avoid any type of confusion, if you have already installed a Webroot Secure anywhere subscription to your computer.
webroot Activation support

Webroot SecureAnywhere Support

If you are having issues while downloading or activating the software, then you ask for an expert advice. We are a team of experts and skilled professionals who work 24*7 in your service.

Steps to Download & Install Webroot Antivirus

  • Open your browser and go to www.webroot.com/safe
  • Now the wsainstall.exe file will auto download to your computer
  • Go to wsainstall.exe file and double click on the file
  • This will start installing your file
  • When asked enter your 20-digit Key code
  • Now follow the prompted instructions

Activate Webroot with Keycode

Webroot activate at www.webroot.com/safe is easy through retailcard. In 3 steps you can find started with webroot security

  1. Visit to www.webroot.com/safe
  2. Enter 20 digit webroot activation code.
  3. Click on activate
  4. Get protected.

Why to Choose Webroot Security?

All the users & businesses require best level of security for their needs.

Webroot security software comes up with different types of security software benefit their users according to their needs. Webroot provides different level of protection for virtual machines, smartphone & other devices.

You can simply download Webroot safe antivirus from webroot.com/safe. The advantages of using Webroot security are:

  • Webroot protects your email accounts, passwords, and social media accounts.
  • Webroot protects banking Details Password, Important files and Protects it from Malware, Trojan and infections etc.
  • Webroot saves your IP address from getting hacked.
  • Webroot provides web protections with browser extension.
  • Webroot has internal threats protection.
  • Webroot has very user-friendly central interface to manage multiple devices.